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Vis smitteomsorg med enkel besøksregistrering

Gode løsninger trenger ikke å være komplisert for å gjøre jobben! Smitteomsorg er en tjeneste som gir den oversikten vi trenger i den situasjonen vi står overfor. Dette er en løsning som forbedrer jobben til de som eier stedet og de som besøker stedet – samt at det gjør jobben mye enklere for smittesporingsteamet i kommunen. Vi registrerer både dato og klokkeslett automatisk. Løsningen er allerede tatt i bruk og testet, med utelukkende positive tilbakemeldinger.

Marianne Storm

Dette er definitivt den enkleste besøksregistreringen vi har brukt. Vi får god oversikt, det er enkelt å bruke og er kjapt for brukeren. Vi anbefaler dette på det varmeste!

Marianne Storm,
- Daglig leder Fredrikstad Aktivitetsråd


Messaging on your premises. Put in queue, send in the future, send to contacts and contact lists. With Intellipush you are choosing one of the most flexible solutions for communication and marketing available on the market.

SMS keyword

With your own SMS keyword you get the opportunity to get in direct contact with your customers. You can make templates and automatic responses on inquiries.


Contact us directly on email or call +47 413 29 999 or, or sign up an account to explore the solution for yourself. As a partner you do not get a register fee, and no monthly fee the first month.


We have a strong focus on developers and work closely with these communities. We have a lot of great tools to simplify implementation of Intellipush into your clients projects. Read more

User friendly

Our team of testers found our solution more user friendly and straight forward then our competitors. Kindergartens, hotels, restaurants and shops are just a few of the sectors using Intellipush to communicate already.


We put our honor in making tools that give you a tighter and more personal communication with you customers, employees, members, guests and others.

SMS marketing for businesses

personal and tailored for you and your customers

Efficient and personal

Intellipush is an SMS marketing and communication platform for businesses of all sizes. Communicate personally and secure with your customers and contacts via either our simple web platform or through our API. You have full control of sent, received and outgoing SMS messages. We have several certified developer partners that can help you get started with your project, and integrate this directly into your system. With Intellipush you select one of the most flexible messaging solutions on the market.

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Communication that reach more than 95% within 5 minutes - personal and reliable communication.


Personal communication

No matter where you work or what kind of position you are in, it is important to be able to communicate personally and reliably with your customers.
Communication through social media is good for some things, but in many occasions you are in need of a more personal connection with your customers. As confirmation on orders, or offers you want your existing customers to get first.

Intellipush is offering an easy and user friendly platform that is fulfilling all the needs for your company’s digital personal communication.

Areas of use

Intellipush is used in a lot of different sectors that we could not forsee when we started to develop our platform. Our customers are very creative in how they use our product and in what sectors it is used. And because of this it’s impeccable that we work hard every single day to make Intellipush a better, easier and more user friendly communications and marketing platform for our customers.

  • Reminders from public services
  • Order confirmation from webshops
  • Fans and members of sports clubs
  • Kindergartens and schools
  • Marketing in stores

Contact us today or register and try the solution for yourself.

Our developers

Are you working with communication and want to deliver a SMS system in your application, webpage or checkout system? We have several integration partners that knows Intellipush and can help you get started with your project.

We need more developers

If you want to try Intellipush, start up an account and contact us here or at +47 413 29 999 and we will help you get started.

Our affiliates

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Netron Logo
Netron has over the last 16 years specialized in marketing and communication, especially on digital surfaces. With a special focus on film, animation and interaction as key elements in larger strategies. We are proud to say that our clients tend to work with us for years, giving us the opportunity to learn a lot and adjust our initiatives along the way.



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We offer hosting with extreme performance, which will make your website or e-commerce store work both better and faster. Just by moving, you can expect to cut your site’s response time in half. Move in, and say bye bye to performance problems!



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PePe Skilt & Dekor (PePe Sign & Decor) is a prestigious sign and decor company in Fredrikstad. They deliver everything from traffic signs to building site signs and all other indoor or outdoor signage. They also deliver foliation, decoration of cars and busses. Intellipush is proud to deliver signage and promotion for your company’s SMS marketing in collaboration with PePe.


Nimbus Direct

Nimbus Direct Logo
Nimbus Direct is our biggest collaborator on sales, customer relation and service. Nimbus Direct has long experience and work closely with Altibox and Viken Fibernett (fiber-optic internet provider). Nimbus Direct makes sure our customers get trained in how our platform work and how to use SMS marketing to maximize earnings.