SMS Marketing

Cheaper and a lot more effective

Is really SMS that expensive?

Many people think that SMS is an expensive way to market themselves..

So let us do the math:

  • Bulk Email hit about 20% of users and only 7-8% click on the content. In return, this is pretty cheap, but also fairly ineffective.
  • One can make banner advertising, here you pay per view or click and it will often end up costing over 1€ per click, just to reach one potential customer.
  • A Facebook ad will in many ways work well, but here you fight for attention from friends, news, funny videos and blog posts about food and training. In addition, you will not get any results with this before you've spent a few hundred Euros, and the "per click cost" will be roughly 0,3€.
  • SMS - here you can send an SMS for approximatly 0,05€ (Enterprise account) and with an opening rate of over 98%, you have a wonderful way to spread your message. You are almost guaranteed that people read it, and you have an exclusivity in terms of when someone is reading an SMS, they won’t be distracted by everything else.

Based on these "research results" it is quite clear that an SMS user who has chosen you and your Product, would like to hear from you. You can talk to him far cheaper than on Facebook or other channels. So if someone claims that SMS is expensive, it only means that they don’t know what traditional marketing really costs. This is so cheap that even specialty shops in the start-up phase can afford SMS marketing.

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Good luck!