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SMS marketing for bars and nightclubs

SMS marketing has grown by over 30% in 2015

SMS marketing is one of the most effective and best ways to build a strong and close relationship with existing and potential customers. SMS as a communication tool can help increase sales. This can be done by building SMS contact lists that people can enroll to voluntarily (at a small discount or promise of future deals) These may then in the future be used to mobilize an "event" or just simply say that anyone who shows this SMS in the door receive a 50% discount on admission, Friday and Saturday nights.

The benefits of building contact lists, and using Intellipush to SMS marketing:

  • One can "steal" customers from other clubs in the area, thus creating more punch. This provides a synergistic effect which leads to more people coming to you, since it is where most people are already.
  • It is extremely targeted, as you can select different market segments with different offers and different information.
  • It is the most cost effective form of direct communication, and helps your bar or nightclub reduce advertising costs.
  • SMS marketing is read by over 98% of recipients, versus email marketing which is only opened about 20% of the time. Facebook is approximately 3%.
  • Text messages are personal, and helps to build strong relationships and loyal customers.
  • With a limit of 160 characters per SMS this is an effective and concise communication form that requires little time from the receiver.
  • Intellipush will help save staff time by allowing you to schedule your SMS offers for several months ahead.
  • It will help increase the revenue on your bar or nightclub on nights with low turnover. We have seen examples of 5-15% increase in revenue after some time of actively building the customer lists.
  • SMS marketing also get new customers in by using "word of mouth". By rewarding your customers with offers / benefits they will actively help create new and more SMS contacts.

How can I build a strong contact list?

  • Integrate SMS campaigns with your overall marketing. Put in send "BAR" to 1963 in the channels you are using already.
  • SMS and win (sign up and win) Competitions. Send "BAR" for 1963 to be in the draw for ...
  • From the website, get customers to sign up for the SMS list. You can also reward them with an signup prize.
  • Promote SMS contact lists on social media, and reward those who join in.
  • Use flyers or posters and table cards to promote SMS campaigns.
  • Get bartenders or others to ask if they want to sign up to receive offers and information.
  • Free wardrobe for those who register.

Why bars and nightclubs should use SMS marketing?

  • SMS messages will make customers feel personally desired by keeping them informed about offers and promotions on a personal medium.
  • SMS marketing is a great way to let customers know about concerts or other events.
  • It will help to create brand awareness and gives the customer a feeling of being special.
  • SMS marketing will help promote your existing offers and promotions directly to your fans.

What can you offer your customers?

All bars and nightclubs have different audiences, you have regulars, students, younger and older. It is important to note that in order to build loyal customers, you must send messages of relevance to the entire customer base, not necessarily only a small part of the audience. Below are some examples on how to contact your audiences optimally.

  • Send out mobile coupons, gift certificates, discounts on entrance, by offering customers the option to skip the queue, or other benefits.
  • Be sure to inform about events or other "happenings". And if people order within a short amount of time, they get a little discount. This will give the customer a feeling of getting added value as a result of being on your contact list.
  • Have SMS attendance competitions on social media, or inform about this at purchase / on the tables. Make fun prizes, which are likely to be shared with friends, to spread the word.

It should now be quite clear that SMS marketing is the way forward for the nightlife industry. You should start today building your sms lists, to instantly get an edge against your competitors.

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Good luck!