VIP / loyalty club

how it works

Intellipush VIP / loyalty club step by step

  1. Register an Intellipush account.
  2. Register a keyword you want your customers to send to enroll in your loyalty club.
  3. Promote keyword and motivate people to enroll.
  4. When your company has a certain amount of members, you can start communicating with them.
  5. Send offers and other information to your VIP customers.
  6. Those who are skilled at building good VIP lists, and use this as an active part of their marketing strategy, can increase sales by over 10%.

Examples of messages

  • "Present this message to us during the day and get 30% discount on everything you buy."
  • "25% discount on ALL SHOES to our VIP customers."
  • "Book an appointment with us in August with a friend and get a 20% discount."

If you want more information please contact us email, or call us at: +47 413 29 999. And we can help you get going.

Good luck!